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*Book Your Future* AeroMobil Flying Car To Go On Sale In 2020

AeroMobil flying car to go on sale in 2020

AeroMobil flying car

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Aeromobil flying car: A recent search conducted by the University of Michigan’s Transportation Research Institute endorse that some Americans really are eager to live like the Jetsons, zipping around the skies in flying cars. 2nd-3rd of the 508 adults surveyed said they’d like to at least ride in, if not operate, a flying car; although safety was the prevailing theme, as 80 percent of the people said the vehicles should have parachutes. That’s an important aspect, obviously, since there are still no real rules in place for this gradually-approaching merger of habitual transit and personal aircraft, and at least one automobile expert believes humans should focus on mastering their current cars 1st.
Still, company all over the world are steadfast in their desire to pioneer the flying car campaign, as we have already seen 1 Czech man make his dream a realism, while some company are even planning to ship their vehicles next year. Now, though, there is good news for anyone concerned about how luxury will play a role in this daring, new industry. On Thursday, AeroMobil flying car unveiled the newest version of its Flying Car at Top Marques Monaco, “the world’s most exclusive supercar show.”

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“Today is a transformative day for the future of travel as the launch of the AeroMobil medium and that everyday flying transportation will soon be a reality,” said Juraj Vaculik, co-founder and CEO of AeroMobil. “To get to this point has seen us bring together a strong team of the best minds and experts in cutting edge automotive, motorsport and aerospace to redefine the boundaries of what is possible in transportation. From today we are ready to take the 1st pre-orders and we are honoured His Serene Highness the Prince of Monaco will unveil the AeroMobil today at the Top Marques Autoshow.”
And for flying car enthusiasts who thrive on exclusivity, AeroMobil will scratch all of your itches. The company’s first edition will be limited to 500 units, but the first 25 Flying Cars ordered will receive special “Founders Edition” perks, including an “expanded benefits package.” The price for such luxury? Somewhere between $1.2 and $1.6 million, depending on the specifications.
In this case, the customer will certainly get what he price pays for, as the specs tell the whole story:

What The Aeromobil flying car specification

  •          Full transformation into flight mode in 3 minutes.
  •          Automotive Range -seven hundred km (estimated using NEDC cycle)
  •          Aerospace Max Cruise Range ~seven hundred fifty km @ 75 % (1 200 m, ISA)
  •          Fuel Capacity ninty ltr (95 RON Gasoline)
  •          Direct Drive variable pitch propeller (speed 2 400 rpm)
  •          Automotive – Top speed one hundred sixty kph
  •          Aerospace – Vs / Vc / VD – 112 / 259 / three hundred sixty km/h
  •          MTOW Take Off Distance ground roll / 50 ft – 397 / 595 m
  •          Max Take Off Weight – nine hundred sixty kg (useable load 240 kg)
  •          Don’t expect this to be AeroMobil standard, though.

“To significantly reduce the cost of flying cars in the long-term, we are bringing an automotive high-volume approach to a traditionally conservative low-volume aerospace industry, significantly cutting components costs via smart design, novel materials and production automation whilst absolutely conforming with civil aviation industry requirements,” Vaculik explained.

The company plans to develop various models across different price ranges to meet all needs as the industry continues to evolve.
*Book Your Future* AeroMobil Flying Car To Go On Sale In 2020
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Updated: July 7, 2017 — 7:34 pm

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