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Royal Enfield Twins Coming Soon To Beat Harley Davidson

Recently Enfield has revealed first modern twin-cylinder engine bike which is a new technology introduce by Enfield company. Royal Enfield twins manufacturing is being processes in Leicestershire England. It is a air-cooled radiator with 650cc size and has parallel-twin powered engine which makes it a next generation motorcycle.

The Milan Motorcycle show will witness the launch of this technology in Royal Enfield engine. The show ECIMA is an annual trade show in Milan, Italy so the Royal Enfield will debut its first 650CC engine bike. ECIMA is starting from November 7, 2017. This new engine would be a nice balance accumulation of right power and torque and provide very comfortable ride. The new design offer 4-stroke gears shift (Single overhead Cam) and SOHC platform. Royal Enfield twins will deliver higher power and speed at low RPM.

Royal Enfield New models with 650cc

The Royal Enfield new 650cc model provides 47BHP of power and 52Nm of torque. This engine is design with high refinement and precision to get an outcome of finest style and power. The old classic chrome finish is still on the model design, additional it has cooling fins, twin-pipe exhausts. The fuel injection system is using to get better power response and 9.5:1 compression ratio for refine handling.

The engine is easily rev at 7500 RPM and bike can reach at a speed of 130-140 Kmph. The single-piece crankshaft is made up to gives bike handling even after the use of twin torque. There is another balancer shaft in Royal Enfield twins to handle jerks while riding the bike.

When Launch Royal Enfield 650cc

On 11/7/2017 Royal Enfield is unveiling 650cc twin-cylinder engine bike. Eicher Motor’s CEO Mr. Siddhartha Lal revealed the notation of twin exhaust before the launch in news. Royal Enfield brand of Eicher Motors is continuously evolving and running their legacy in proper functionality. There will be experiments in future you can witness to get better experience in riding the old Bullet motorcycle.

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Bike enthusiastic will definitely like the spicy change in Royal Enfield and will appreciate it. The improved power domain as well as styling feature makes it amazing and mind boggling. This engine come in picture with the help of UK technology centre and developed by jointly efforts at Royal Enfield’s Headquarter in Chennai. There are new models of Royal Enfield twins bike are coming soon with new technology and styling. Enfield wants to launch its product worldwide and exposure with global demand of bikes.

Royal Enfield Twins or Royal Enfield 650cc engine is just coming

Be ready for this action oriented launching of 650cc and 47BHP engine of twin exhaust by Royal Enfield. There will new models by Enfield of 750cc and 800cc with more power and new technology. Eicher is working to satisfying every need of customers and growing. They want to be a global industry and pursue the same dream with confidence. This company is working in modern hi-tech concept bikes to attract new generation. Car Today News


Royal Enfield Twins Coming Soon To Beat Harley Davidson
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