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Tesla Model S P100D – You Will NEVER Believe

Tesla Model S P100D – You will NEVER believe what this car has just gone and done

Tesla Model S P100D

this image form: www-express-co-uk

Tesla Model S P100D with Ludicrous Mode enabled has just gone from 0-60mph in 2.28 sec. The exact record-setting time was 2.275507139 seconds,
Motor Trend performed the test in a P100D equipped with Ludicrous Mode, which will set you back a cool $137,800.

Tesla Model S

Motor Trend’s result is faster than the 2.5-second zero to sexty time that Tesla trumpeted when it launched the P100D with Ludicrous Mode last summer.

When car magazines do 0-60 mph runs, they don’t always measure the time from when the car is standing still. Some allow it to creep along at three mph, then punch the throttle. Motor Trend says, “We start our acceleration clock the way the NHRA [National Hot Rod Association] does: when the front tires cross the one-foot mark.” It avoids damage to the transmission, although many cars have a launch mode the protects the car from excessive shocks of acceleration.

An “Easter egg” update to Ludicrous mode released last November shaved off a further zero point one second, according to Tesla, and it’s with this update that Motor Trend was able to log its record-setting result. Although the name is inspired by the hide features in computer games and other apps, Tesla’s Easter egg is really just a glorified version of the launch control feature found in most supercars.

If you’d like to activate the Easter egg in your own Tesla Model S P100D, Motor Trend explains how to do it, a process that involves some quick footwork with the accelerator and brake and the correct ans to the question, “”Are you sure you want to push the limits?”
Tesla Model S P100D – You Will NEVER Believe
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Updated: July 7, 2017 — 7:34 pm

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