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Upcoming Car Audi A5 Review, Price And Specification

What Upcoming car Audi A5 Review Says?

German car makers Audi is launching uplifted version of Audi A5. As the upcoming car Audi A5 review published, people are excited for its launch. Audi A5 is available with both, gear option and the paddle shift for automatic. The aluminum interiors add amazing looks to the car. The interior comfort makes you realize it is a jet airliner’s first class seat.

Upcoming car Audi A5 review striking that it will be available with 3.2-litre FSI V6 Quattro engine. This engine will give you a firm 265 PS power, which is a too much for Indian roads. You easily get 0-60kmph in just 8 seconds.  Audi A5 is known to be mid size sportback with unique style exterior.

Upcoming car Audi A5 car price in India

The cost of the car is expected to be between 55lakhs to 60lakhs. Talking about the high end luxury material used inside the cabin is really marvelous. There is huge space for the occupants and as well as for the luggage. The boot space is the key factor for any sedan; Audi A5 has 455 to 465litre of boot space. There are so many vital features inside as well as outside the car 12.3 inch TFT display with touchpad and voice recognition. Additional TFT screens for back seat passengers.

This coupe sedan is designed strictly for Indian road conditions; it is available in three engine options. Petrol powered TSI turbocharged engine with 190ps of power. Diesel engine TDI is with 190ps power and finally a 3.2litre FSI 265Ps V6 petrol engine. There are 6 speed manual and automatic transmissions. 3.2litre has 8 speed, manual-gearbox and signed as Quattro AWD modal offered super power delivery.  You can enjoy driving this car for both on and off roads driving conditions.

Upcoming car Audi A5 specification:-

Length 4626mm to 4712mm
Width 1854mm
Height 1391mm
Weight 1565kg
Transmission ·         6 speed manual

·         7 speed manual

·         8 speed manual

·         Automatic

Engine ·         190Ps petrol engine

·         190PS petrol engine

·         3.2 liter V6 265Ps petrol engine (Most powerful)

Audio Audi is providing Bose Surround systems with this

Modal comes it has 8 speakers front and rear


Market for Audi A5

The upcoming car Audi A5 review shows, it is one such luxury car in the very reasonable cost. Audi has wide range of cars in the international market. But Audi A5 first generation 2007-2016 and upcoming version are best products of this company.

It is an entry level luxury car it has way more features than any other expensive cars. Its sportback version suits need for every person looking for exotic adventure in long trips. The upcoming car Audi A5 features are beautiful beyond imagination. The leather for seat cover and the red wood for front dashboard panel are impeccable. Audi is planning to launch Audi A5 second generation with bigger prospect of sale.

Upcoming Car Audi A5 review about new MMI operating systems is excellent. The speedometer turns into an interactive Screen display with interesting Navigation control and entertainment. The onboard display has big GPS panel to clearly view destination.  With all these features we expect good sales of Audi A5.

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Upcoming Car Audi A5 Review, Price And Specification
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