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Upcoming Car Renault Captur Review, Price, Features And Specification

Indian market is flourished with compact SUV; Renault is all set to roll out new SUV  Captur. The all new  upcoming car Renault Captur review, says it will be a hit. It will launch on September 21, 2017 in Indian market. It has left hand drive configuration for other international markets. And India would be first where it comes in right hand configuration. There are many compact SUVs in Indian market, Ford Eco Sport, Vitara Brezza and Hyundai Creta. According to upcoming car Renault Captur review, it will face huge competition with other cars of this segments. Tata Nexon and Honda WRV is strong competitor of Captur, and of course price will matter to attract customers. Maruti and Hyundai are the largest take over for this segment of cars of compact SUVs.

Upcoming Car Renault Captur Review Specification

Renault Captur review

Renault Kaptur review

Renault Captur has 4300 meter longer wheelbase, same as of the Renault Duster. The cost of this car is also competitive with other newly released car, Jeep Compass. The body of this car is made up of solid steel, which has great looks and beautiful design. The car available  with two engines options one is 1.5litre petrol engine and another one is 1.5litre turbocharged diesel engine. Upcoming care Renault Captur features and specification are impeccable define its uniqueness. It is a 5-seater SUV, with a boot space of 437litre, which also can expand to 1200litre. There are many features incorporated with this car, such as automatic climate control and touchscreen infotainment system. Also comes with leather upholstery.

Renault Captur Safety Features

Renault Captur

Renault kaptur

Additional safety features are also available including daytime running LED lights. ABS and EBD are strong support technology in case of braking in emergency. The power of Car admirable as 1.5litre engine diesel emits 110Bhp and 1.5litre petrol engine emits 108Bhp. The upcoming car Renault Captur price in India is go by the range of 11laks to 15lakhs of top modal. The Hyundai Creta and Jeep Compass are strong rivalry of Captur in case of all feature are almost same here.

Compare Renault Captur with other cars of this segment

Vitara Brezza vs Renault Captur: – Breeza is less costly than Captur, although feature list is longer in Captur. Also Captur has 4cylinder turbocharged diesel engine with 110Bhp vs Brezza has 3-cylinder diesel engine with 99Bhp only.

Hyundai Creta vs Renault Captur :- Upcoming car Renault Captur review states that it has fast feature ranges but when comes to comparison with Creta it face tough competition. Creta comes with 125Bhp turbocharged diesel engine which is more than Captur’s. Inside car space is same in both these cars, even the boot space of Creta is bigger 475litre. Also Creta top variant offers six airbags as a elite safety feature.

Jeep Compass Vs Renault Captur:- Jeep Compass has classic features and interior designing. It has big diesel engine with 170Bhp power and 160Bhp with petrol engine. However the price difference is much more, Captur’s top modal is 15lakhs whereas Jeep Compass’s top variant cost 21Lakhs.

Upcoming Car Renault Captur Review, Price, Features And Specification
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